Close your eyes and think of the color blue. What do you see? You may imagine the infinite sky or the majestic ocean.

There is indeed something very soothing about the color blue. It’s a known fact that the color in its multitude of shades is universally flattering, hence why it is the preferred color to wear on and off camera.

So this summer, are you ready to add more blue to your wardrobe?

Moods of Norway offers a great selection of blue suits, shirts, and accessories. You name the shade, we have it! Midnight, periwinkle, royal, cobalt, arctic, powder, sky, cyan, slate, teal, cerulean, sapphire, navy, and the list goes on…

So visit MON to get your blue on! We’re waiting for you with bells and whistles.

171021-431_1 (1)
Rosenhoff Tonning Slim

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