We’re In A Summer Kind of Mood

The heat is on!

It’s almost July and temperatures are on the rise. At Moods of Norway, we’ll help you stay cool while looking cool. I know… it’s a cheesy line but my point is: you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort, simply pick up one of our short sleeves button up shirts and pair it with your favorite shorts.

Ask our lovely sales associates or visit our website to find these sharp-looking shirts.

From top to bottom: Filipstad Vik $129, Hawaii Vik $129, Hardanger Vik $159.

PS: Sorry, carrots are not for sale.

Short slv shirts.jpg


Close your eyes and think of the color blue. What do you see? You may imagine the infinite sky or the majestic ocean.

There is indeed something very soothing about the color blue. It’s a known fact that the color in its multitude of shades is universally flattering, hence why it is the preferred color to wear on and off camera.

So this summer, are you ready to add more blue to your wardrobe?

Moods of Norway offers a great selection of blue suits, shirts, and accessories. You name the shade, we have it! Midnight, periwinkle, royal, cobalt, arctic, powder, sky, cyan, slate, teal, cerulean, sapphire, navy, and the list goes on…

So visit MON to get your blue on! We’re waiting for you with bells and whistles.

171021-431_1 (1)
Rosenhoff Tonning Slim

You Don’t Gnome Me!!

Gnome – A legendary dwarfish creature to guard the earth’s treasures underground or a small garden ornament in the form of a bearded man with a pointed hat.

At Moods this legendary guy is both, standing guard over our Spring/Summer 2107 Garden themed collection.

Placed on a few key season pieces he fits in nicely within our collection which also mixes in garden printed button downs, a vegetable print, and carrot accented suit linings.

You may not Gnome him yet…but you can get to by stopping by Moods on Melrose.


Moods takes over Mel’s Drive in

 In search of some of some tasty Greens to fit our Spring/Summer 2017 Garden themed collection, Moods hit up Mel’s Drive In. Usually known for it’s burgers, fries, and shakes, we came to try their vegetarian options with a side of 50’s nostalgia.

Situated on the iconic sunset strip, Mel’s Diner is the perfect place to see and be seen. 

As we set out on our vegan adventure and shoot, we were interrupted by “American Horror Story’s” Sarah Paulson as she walked through to have lunch with a friend. A regular occurrence at Mel’s if you just keep a watchful eye. On previous visits we have spotted Lana Del Rey, Chris Martin, Seth Macfarlane, Josh Hutcherson, and Harry Styles.

Check out the finished product below and visit Mel’s to see if you spot anyone. When you visit be sure to bring some quarters for the Jukebox  and mention Moods for 20% Off your entire bill! 

ROM_8032 (1)ROM_8005 (1).jpgROM_8083ROM_8137ROM_8011ROM_8020 (1)ROM_8522 copyROM_8286